Canyon X Adventures: Antelope Canyon X Hike!!

Antelope Canyon X Hike!!

This Spring break some friends and I decided to explore the lesser known part of the slot canyons in the Antelope Canyon area: Canyon X! Canyon X is the upper region of the Antelope slot canyons and only opened up in 2016. It is lesser known and not very popular yet.

I’m sure lots of people heard of Antelope Canyon. If you did a quick Google search and read some Trip Advisor reviews you will see comments about how crazily beautiful Antelope Canyon is. However, you will probably come across comments like how the tours feel like you’re being herded like sheep. In other words, the tours take too many people in at once, and they rush you to keep up with their tour schedule. Last year I went to the main lower and upper Antelope Canyons with my parents and, unfortunately, that’s what it felt like.

So, avoiding the tourist traps and the crowd, my friends and I decided to visit the lesser known part of the Antelope Canyon. They call this part Canyon X because of the “x” that is formed on the canyon walls by the cracks. Canyon X actually has multiple portions. Here is the entrance to one portion of the canyon:

Here we go deeper into the canyon:

After visiting this small part of the slots, we climb back out of the canyon and start heading to the other part of it. Notice the narrowness of the passageways in this part of the canyon.

After getting out we come up to the entrance of another stretch of the slot canyons. I have no idea why my friend Lucas was walking like a penguin LOL.

We make our way through the narrow passageway and eventually reach another opening:

The opening is actually entering another part of the canyon. Here is a 360 view of this entrance and notice how tall the canyon walls are:

After spending a moment admiring this entrance we start heading in. This part of the slot canyon is even more narrow.

After this narrow part of the canyon, we came out to another opening. From there we did a short hike to a part of the slots even deeper into the canyons. This time it is even more narrow and it is also so deep that some of the sunlight is blocked out.

Guitar Concert Inside the Slot Canyon!!

As you can see, it is pretty dark in there since a lot of the sunlight is blocked out. My action cam didn’t do too great in the dark. But, did you notice that there are guitar sounds? Yup, our Navajo guides actually brought a guitar with them into this part of the canyon. Since this part is so deep and narrow, the acoustics of the guitar was awesome!!

Eventually, we got to a part where there is an opening on the canyon roof where sunlight is able to get in. Kendra, our Navajo guide, started playing more for us.

Chris, Kendra’s brother, was also with us. He also performed for us inside the slot canyons. You can see more of the guitar playing inside the slot canyons here: Guitar inside Canyon Blog

Sand Waterfall

Sometimes when the sands on top of the canyons fall down, it forms a pretty cool “sand waterfall”. It only happens when lots of dry sand builds up and eventually falls down. Obviously, it’s hard to be there exactly when it happens. So, Kendra threw some dry sand up the canyon wall to show what it looks like. It’s pretty neat to see:

Selfie Fail

I guess for this I might have to get my Asian card taken away. I failed at using a selfie stick LOL…My friends and I stood there for a while trying to take the selfie. My action cam makes a shutter click sound when it takes a picture instead of recording a video. I kept waiting and no sound coming out so I looked down at my phone (connected to my action cam via Bluetooth) and saw that I was recording instead of snapping a selfie. It’s pretty hilarious at the moment so I decided to keep the video of this. See my selfie fail!

At the end of meandering through the twisting slots of Canyon X, our Navajo guide, Kendra, was cool enough to give us a ride out of the canyon on her ATV 😊

So here we have it! My adventures into Canyon X!!!

To see the entire Canyon X adventure through my action cam videos click here: Canyon X Adventure POV Videos

To see all the pictures we took during this adventure see this gallery: Canyon X Gallery


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